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Alexis Getscher, The Spec StaffAlexis Getscher
Alexis Getscher was born and raised in Phoenix by her mother and two older sisters. She enjoys rainy days, a good debate and the state of being so deliriously tired that coffee tastes like heaven and the smallest things make her laugh till she cries.

She has an unnatural love for colored socks and an inability to turn down homemade chocolate chip cookies or brownies. Bring her any of the three and you’ll be best friends forever.

Also, she likes this quote by Ray Bradbury: “I have never listened to anyone who criticized my taste in space travel, sideshows or gorillas. When this occurs, I pack up my dinosaurs and leave the room.”

Tweet her: @LexisAlayne
Mail her something nice: PO Box 465, Phoenix, AZ 85001
Her education and work experience: LinkedIn

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D'Aundra Wallace, The Spec StaffD’Aundra “Dee” Wallace
Dee Wallace is a 20-something Arizona native, vegetable enthusiast, Phoenix Suns devotee, Scorpio with Libra tendencies, word game extraordinaire with a specialty in Scrabble, champion napper and writer.

Tom Waits described her best when he sang, “she was sharp as a razor and soft as a prayer.” Zadie Smith hit the mark when she wrote, “She hopes for nothing except fine weather and a resolution. She wants to end properly, like a good sentence.”

Wallace delights in time spent in nature, arts and crafts, DIY anything, craft beer, good company, music, tea time, French new wave, typography and letter writing. She aspires to be best friends with Tina Fey…or fictional character Liz Lemon. If she can convince you that “good things come in small packages,” her work here is done.

Her music taste: LAST.FM
Her 140-character soapbox: TWITTER
Her little corner of the Web: BLOG
Her education and work experience: LINKEDIN

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