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The Color Group Brings Desert Pop Fest to Trunk Space

Skinny Shamans, The Color Group, The Trunk Space, Phoenix, Arizona, music festivals, summer music festivals, arizona music festivals, phoenix music festivals,Solid Brown, KIDS, The Frights, Bogsey & The Argonauts, Diners, Dogbreth, Fishboy, New Science Projects, Logan GreeneIt’s officially summer. Yes, the Arizona dry heat that brings our internal juices to a roaring boil and cooks up funky perspiration is back. Normally this mix is less than appetizing, but The Color Group has something up its sleeve to make the God-forgive-me July and Hell-on-Earth August more bearable. It’s Desert Pop Fest.

The Trunk Space and The Color Group will host the two-day music festival on June 27 and June 28. Day one will feature five bands, two local and three from California: Skinny Shamans, Solid Brown, KIDS, The Frights, and Bogsey & The Argonauts. If you’re not full from the first serving, day two will include a lineup of three Arizona bands and two Texas groups: Diners, Dogbreth, Fishboy, New Science Projects and Logan Greene. Tickets for individual days are $7 each, but $10 will get you access to both nights.

Who says the desert has to be barren of music festivals during summer? Get the full details on the upcoming pop festival below…

WHO: Skinny ShamansSolid BrownKIDSThe FrightsBogsey & The ArgonautsDinersDogbrethFishboyNew Science ProjectsLogan Greene

WHAT: Desert Pop Fest (day one, day two)

WHERE: The Trunk Space, 1506 NW Grand Ave

WHEN: Thursday, June 27 and Friday, June 28, 7:30 P.M.

HOW MUCH: $7 per day, $10 for both days

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