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Summer Shenanigans with Five Local Bands

Ah, Phoenix, you never let us down with your wonderful summers. Triple-digit weather and beautiful, sunny days are never ending it seems. But it’s time for a small break with some of the Valley’s most loved bands. That’s right, Summer Shenanigans is back for another year! Five bands (and you) will travel to Prescott in two buses for a live performance at Lyzzard’s Lounge on Saturday, July 28.

Find out everything you need to know about the trip, below…

Opening the show at Lyzzard’s Lounge is A Life Of Science, an electronic multimedia rock band from Phoenix comprised of James Keenan, Scott Passamonte, Travis Alexander and Josh Isaac. The band’s lyrics are based on an “apocalyptic story concept.” To go along with the music they have books written by their drummer, Isaac, and music videos the give the story a visual. Their new novel is available here. The third album of their series has been recorded, but a release date has not been set. 


Playing next is Companeros, a “spaghetti western” influenced band from Tempe including Neng, Jake, Matty Kotz, Kevin, Shane, David and Tuff.


Following Companeros is Darkness Dear Boy from Tempe. DDB is Ted Organ, Aaron Ranschaert and Chase Lechner, and they bring together the perfect mix of alternative, reggae and punk.


The fourth band to play on the line up is Future Loves Past, an indie-psychedelic band from Tempe comprised of Mike A., Tristan D., Sarah H., Rickmo, Eric W. P. and Sean W..


Headlining the show is TKLB?, a psychedelic dub-hop group from Tempe including Kalen Lander and DJ Stowner. In their own words, “TKLB is from the future. You are defenseless against our superior minds and our advanced weaponry. Surrender yourselves!”


WHO:  A Life Of Science, Companeros, Darkness Dear Boy, Future Loves Past and TKLB?
WHAT: Summer Shenanigans 2.0
WHERE: Lyzzard’s Lounge, 120 N. Cortez St., Prescott
WHEN: Saturday, July 28, show starts at 8:30 P.M.
HOW MUCH: $20 for a bus ticket there and back. Purchase here.

The buses are leaving the LA Fitness parking lot on the southeast corner of Southern and Mill avenues at 5 P.M. on July 28. After the last performance, approximately 2 A.M., the buses will be leaving Lyzzard’s and will arrive back at the LA Fitness parking lot around 4 A.M..

This is a 21+ event. Drinking is permitted on the buses while traveling to and from the concert and restrooms are available on both buses. BYOB. No glass bottles.

If you can’t make the trip to Prescott, all of the bands at Summer Shenanigans will be playing at Long Wongs in Tempe on Wednesday nights throughout July and August.

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