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Reptar Talks Current Projects, Plays Crescent Ballroom April 27

Reptar, interview, crescent ballroom

Photo by Laura Thigpen

Continuing its exploration of indie-electro-guitar-pop weirdness, Reptar returns with its second full-length album, Lurid Glow, released on March 31. With diversified sounds and styles, the music of Reptar culminates from the band’s disparate array of influences. The group simultaneously showcases musicianship in the heritage of Frank Zappa, Rush, Mike Patton, and Tortoise — creating a blend of party music suitable for music nerds.

If you want to catch the music of Reptar in a show setting, check them out Monday, April 27 at Crescent Ballroom with local electro-pop trio MRCH opening.

Read The Spec‘s interview with Reptar frontman Graham Ulicny, below…

The Spec: Who are some of your musical influences growing up?
Graham Ulicny: Assuming you mean pre-puberty: Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Curtis Mayfield, anything my dad liked, the sound of the outside world, the sound of my own tears hitting the floor, etc. Our taste got a lot more eclectic as the years went on.

TS: If you had to come up with another ”stupid” band name for your band, besides Reptar or the original name of Invisible Boyfriend, what would you choose?
GU: I think “Dang” would be a good band name.

TS: Who is Amanda? Can you explain the concept behind the music video?
GU: The song was inspired by the rash of suicides in the younger generation due to internet bullying. I kind of imagined it as a song from someone’s viewpoint who has given up on humanity. At the end of the song, I imagine myself as the Internet trying to console this young person and dissuade them (unsuccessfully, probably) from dying. The video is an interpretation by Philadelphia artist and dear friend Ross Brubeck.

TS: Tell us about the “50 Bands and a Cat” compilation you recently contributed to.
GU: It was presented to us by our label Joyful Noise as a way for artists to speak out against the incredible injustice that is being perpetrated by members of the state government in Indiana. They have decided to pass a law that allows businesses to discriminate against LGBT and queer people. As a person who definitely does not identify as straight, I was glad for us to help in any way I could to let these people know that they are wrong. All proceeds from the comp go to LGBT organizations in Indiana.

TS: Is this your first time performing in Arizona? If so, what are you excited to discover?
GU: We have played in Arizona many times and it is one of my favorite states. I love it!

TS: What are you currently listening to? Any music recommendations (besides your own, of course)?
GU: I have been listening to a lot of Georgia artists like Breathers, Warehouse, Ginko, 100 Watt Horse and Suffer Dragon! So many talented people in those bands!

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