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The Parlor Mob, The Pretty Reckless Kick Off Tour in Arizona

Photo by Clay Patrick McBride

The Parlor Mob
is a band from New Jersey, named after a Manhattan street gang from the 19th century. The band has been around for eight strong, yet difficult, years. When they started, they had no plans other than to make and play music, “We did not fit in to any scene or any genre. We followed nothing,” reads their website. And being themselves is working wonders for The Parlor Mob.

Introducing David Rosen and Paul Ritchie on guitar, Sam Bey on drums, Anthony Chick on bass, and singer Mark Melicia. The five friends grew up together in Asbury Park, N.J. and started playing music together around 2003.

Despite numerous struggles, such as recording an EP with Capitol Records and being dropped before production, trying to put together an album at home after spending two years travelling the world, and losing their bassist, The Parlor Mob pulled through. This adversity became the inspiration for their newest album, Dogs, released in October of 2011. “We have been beaten to the ground, spit on and kicked, and we have bitten back and clawed at those who are against us. We have felt caged. We have been hungry and fought for scraps. We have been pet and praised in one instant, and neglected and abused in the next. We have formed a pack, and we are fiercely loyal to one another.”

When asked about the album recording process, Rosen had this to say, “When it comes to writing, we all write together. One of us may be the catalyst for a song, or has most of an idea formed, but we all make it our own. When it comes to recording, we track live, then Paul and myself do all the guitar overdubs. Sam might lay down some percussion, Mark sings, and bang, it’s a record.”

The first single off the album, “Into the Sun,” is on the soundtrack to MLB 12: The Show, which also includes bands such as The Black Keys, The Mars Volta, Justice and more. The track is also featured in an NHL commercial for the Pittsburgh Penguins on Fox Sports Network.

The Parlor Mob kicks off their tour with The Pretty Reckless and The Hollywood Kills in Arizona with two shows! One on March 9 in Tucson at Club Congress (tickets) and the other on March 10 in Scottsdale at Martini Ranch (tickets).

When asked Rosen if there was anything he wanted his fans to know, Rosen responded, “Our website is, we’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Come to shows.”


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  1. Long time fan of TPM. Their live shows are awesome! DOGS Special Edition was picked for Rock Album of the Year by iTunes Rewind 2011 — well deserved. Their time has come. Keep spreading the word!

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