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K Theory: 25 Days of #Kristmas

K Theory, 25 days of Kristmas, mp3

Last year, Dylan Lewman, a member of hip-hop group K Theory came down with a rare bacterial infection that left doctors baffled. Lewman was admitted to the hospital and placed in a medically induced coma that spanned over three weeks, all the while his kidneys and liver failed and he nearly died four times. Once doctors solved the mystery and Lewman awoke, he had to learn to speak, read, write and walk again.

He remembered his last words before being put under, I’m way too young to die like this, I have too much to say.

“I’m not sure who I was talking to when I said those fateful words…” he writes on the band’s Facebook. “This year has been incredible for me musically, I’ve written over 1000 demos and K Theory has been lucky to travel the world spreading our music, so I figure it was some sort of music god, maybe the ghost of Michael Jackson, but whoever it was, thank you.”

Lewman says one of his only regrets from the experience was hoarding music and not sharing it with the world. Here’s where 25 Days of #Kristmas comes in– the band is releasing a new mp3 every day in December that can be downloaded for free.

Download the first four mp3s by clicking below and follow the band for new music throughout the month.

K Theory, 25 days of Kristmas, mp3, download

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