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Darkness Dear Boy Music Videos, CD Release Party

Darkness Dear Boy, DDB, CD release, Rogue Bar

Tempe band Darkness Dear Boy released Brand New Carrot On A String in 2010 and have spent the last couple years playing shows around the Valley. This month, the rockers, who combine alternative with reggae, punk and honkey tonk, are back with Cagey Avoidance of a Definite Answer due out March 21.

Darkness Dear BoyTo celebrate, the trio is throwing an CD release party at The Rogue Bar in Scottsdale. Local acts Japhy’s Descent, Companeros, DeadFoxx, Sasquanaut and SweetGrass will be joining DDB on stage. Entry to the show is $10 and includes a copy of Cagey Avoidance of a Definite Answer.

Recently, the trio released two music videos for singles from the album. “June” features over 50 vintage Volkswagen buses following Walter the Bus (the world’s largest VW Bus) in a pied piper-themed video. “Princess Charming” is a twist on the children’s classic The Princess and the Frog in a video that features cameos from many other AZ bands.

Watch both videos below and catch the band live at Rogue Bar on March 21…

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