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Citizen Espresso Bar Celebrates ‘Holding it Down for One Year’

Citizen Espresso Bar, Maizie's Cafe & Bistro, Lonna Kelley, Dylan Pratt, Bogan Via, Pastries with Teeth

On Friday, Feb. 1, Citizen Espresso Bar will celebrate one year of operation.

The locally owned facility in Phoenix is one of The Spec‘s favorites. In April of last year, Citizen owners allowed our staff to invade the shop afterhours to record with Emby Alexander. This small gesture is just one example of how the business has lived up to its description as a place “where coffee, food, art, music and community meet.”

To celebrate this milestone, the coffee house will host an evening of local music by Lonna Kelley, Dylan Pratt, Bogan Via and Pastries with Teeth, and delicious eats courtesy of Maizie’s Cafe & Bistro and Harley’s Italian Bistro.

The event begins at 6 P.M. and is the perfect place to start Phoenix’s monthly First Fridays art walk. For full details, visit the event page.

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  1. Thank you for all the support Spec… we can’t wait to put on a great show and say thank you to all of you who make citizen special!

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