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Youth Lagoon: Wondrous Bughouse

Wondrous Bughouse, Youth Lagoon Youth Lagoon — Wondrous Bughouse

Released: March 5
Our Rating: 3/5
Spec Recs: “The Bath” “Dropla”
In One Word: Dysphoric

Wondrous Bughouse is the second album from soon-to-be 24-year-old Trevor Powers (his birthday is on March 18), who is the one-man band known as Youth Lagoon.

When I first pressed play, I was expecting tracks similar to those on debut Year of Hibernation, specifically “Cannons” my favorite track from the album. However, I was quickly surprised by what I heard.

Powers has always relied heavily on synths and beats and the tracks on Wondrous Bughouse are no different; however, the vocals come few and far between and when they are present they’re slow and drawn out. The album’s main focus seems to be on layers upon layers of odd sounds a mesmerizing beats.

I feel as if all ten tracks are a stream of consciousness recorded specifically to narrate the life-flashing-before-my-eyes moment right before I die. When I listen to Wondrous Bughouse, it’s like my body is floating through life and I almost feel a bit depressed. That’s not to say the album is bad, the music is wonderful and it has a way of grabbing me and making me feel things. It’s just one of those special albums I keep tucked away until very specific times.

Youth Lagoon plays at Crescent Ballroom on April 21 with Majical Cloudz, purchase tickets to the show here.

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