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YesYou: Self-Titled Debut EP

YesYou, YesYou review, YesYou self-titled EP, YesYou EP reviewYesYou – YesYou

Released: Nov. 2
Our Rating: 4/5
Spec Recs: “Frivolous Life,” “Half of It,” “Amsterdam”
In one word: Attractive

YesYou, an Australian electronic-infused, dance-pop duo, released an EP last month that is nothing less than engaging. The vocals from the two are perfectly matched. They utilize electronics and drum machines in one of the best ways I’ve ever heard. Without overdoing it, they are able to make their music sound new age, yet still very natural. The synth sounds throughout the EP provide a perfect backdrop for the melodies that float so delicately into the ear. In the song “Amsterdam,” the soft synth sounds have less of an instrumental role and more of a vocal one. The use of harmonies in this EP are exquisite and add an enticing element.

The highlight song of the EP, and also the introduction, is “Frivolous Life.” This track features vocals from Jinja Safari’s Marcus Azon. It has a Foster the People tinge, but  still displays a unique and catchy melody that pieces flawlessly with its electronic counterpart.

The EP ends with a “Frivolous Life” remix by Paces that definitely does justice to the original. This debut release showcases YesYou as a band with a promising musical career. If you are looking for new tunes, or have a love of good music, be sure to check out YesYou’s debut.

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