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Writer: Brotherface

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Released: Oct. 30
Our Rating: 3/5
Spec Recs: “Head to Toe,” “Barefoot Art,” “North Park Fairies”
In one word: Heavy

Writer, comprised of brothers James and Andy Ralph, has been able to combine a variety of genres in its sound. We get hints of metal shown through the slight guitar distortion and ringing keyboard styles, a dash of psychedelic haziness, and during the song “North Park Fairies,” a bit of oriental-infused percussion.

The song, in my opinion, that displays Writer’s efforts best is “Head to Toe.” It’s the perfect track to begin an album. The duo takes a lot of chances in the song, such as singing with only grave and loud drumming for instrumentals. Vocals on the track are quite impressive as the singers know how to evoke their style through the sounds of their voices. The abrupt ending is brilliant in that it makes the listener want more.

Strangely intriguing melodies used in each song enhance the album’s kaleidoscopic nature. The brothers are able to compose music that seems as though it was made by a band of more people. It’s not a simplistic album, but at the same time it is. The two create lyrics and songs that may, at first listen, seem straightforward. However, once they begin singing repeated phrases in response to a previous lyric buried underneath beats and guitar riffs, you begin to wonder what exactly the songs are all about. The fact that they do this proves that the gentlemen know how to keep an audience’s attention.

In the end, the album successfully encases the unique approach Writer has to composing music while still being able to let influences shine through.

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