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Why?: Mumps, etc.

Why? review, Why? Mumps, etc., Mumps, etc., Why?, Mumps, etc. Review, album reviewWhy? – Mumps, etc.

Released: Oct. 9

Our Rating: 3/5

Spec Recs: “Strawberries,” “Jonathan’s Hope,” “White English”

In one word: Apathetic

This lackadaisical rap sub genre is oddly easy to listen to. The sometimes crude lyrics exemplify the sound and the vocals from Yoni Wolf. The short musical ideas that thread their way through verses and make their debut in each song during the chorus add quite an intriguing element to the music. Wolf’s rather monotonous style of rapping is coupled perfectly with the accompanying catchy tunes and beats in the background. His lack of motion in the tone of his rapping is, I believe, what contributes most to this album’s overall vibe.

The instrumentation used in the album is incredible. While listening past the lyrics you can hear violins, piano, bass, and quirky sounds such as glass tinkling and the like. The titles of the songs on the album also convey simplistic and slightly dark undertones (for example: “Thirst,” “Distance,” “Kevin’s Cancer”).

I think “Strawberries” combines instruments and lyrics in the best way, as they differ so greatly. The chorus says “No I am not okay boys” while accompanied by an upbeat marimba-like sound with the addition of light piano playing and a playful bass line. Brilliant.

As far as lyrics go, their relatable nature makes them so much more powerful. The added female voice during the chorus of “Bitter Thoughts” is a point of relief in the album, as it cuts the shadowy character the majority of the songs embody. The only thing wanting in this album is a bit of diversity in the tempo.

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