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Toro y Moi: Anything in Return

Toro y Moi, Anything in Return, Toro y Moi album review, Toro y Moi review, Anything in Return review, Anything in Return album reviewToro y Moi – Anything in Return

Released: Jan. 22
Our Rating: 4/5
Spec Recs: “So Many Details,” “Rose Quartz,” “High Living”
In one word: Ripe

Anything in Return is the third studio album by Chaz Bundick under the moniker Toro y Moi. Familiar for those with a taste for Bundick’s genre-blending style but progresive enough to peak one’s interest, Anything in Return is ripe. “So Many Details” displays Bundick’s ability to layer and transition with cleverness, “Rose Quartz” serves up a slow-building beat and charming lyrics, and “High Living” offers a vibe perfectly matched with the song’s length: 4:20.

It seems as if Bundick has found his voice, literally and figuratively, in his third release. The album, with its added “yas,” “uhs,” and “woos,” showcases a newfound confidence, or comfort, in Bundick’s vocals. Of course this isn’t his strong point. Bundick’s work flourishes in its production with smooth layering and seamless transitions. In some tracks I’m reminded of Pharrell Williams a la Neptunes and N*E*R*D.

If the goal was a pop album, it may have missed the mark. But make no mistake that it hit something. Ideal for nighttime soirées or evenings alone at home (not bedroom-production chillwave though), Anything in Return is a step forward.

Toro y Moi will play to a sold-out crowd at Crescent Ballroom on Wednesday, Jan. 30 with Dog Bite.

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