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Their / They’re / There: Analog Weekend

TTT, Their They're There, Analog Weekend

Their / They’re / There — Analog Weekend

Release date(s): Dec. 10
Our Rating: 3/5
Spec Recs: “New Blood”
In one word: Explosive

Words by Cristina Fernandez

Listening to Their / They’re / There takes me back to my pop punk, emo phase (c’mon we all had one). Within the first 30 seconds of listening to it I felt as though I was 13 again with an extreme side part, bangs covering one of my eyes, wearing skin tight jeans and too much eye liner. It made me nostalgic for the music I would mosh to at Warped Tour, not fazed by the sweltering heat because my favorite pop punk was shredding on stage. Although Their / They’re / There is much more talented than a lot of the alternative rock bands at Warped Tour, its music contains two very important elements practically required for the the touring music festival– high energy and a heavy guitar sound.

Their/ They’re / There hail from the indie rock scene in Chicago. Its music is unique because it is full of complex melodies and very intricate guitar work that sets the band apart from other indie rock, post punk musicians. The band  is considered math rock because of its abnormal rhythmic structures and irregular stopping and starting in its music. The intriguing rhythmic style may be due to the fact that all the members of the band are music veterans; Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It.), Mike Kinsella (Owen, Owls, Cap’n Jazz, American Football), and Matthew Frank (Loose Lips Sink Ships). These guys definitely know what they are doing and Analog Weekend is proof.

Analog Weekend is the band’s second EP and is a great follow up to its first self-titled release. While it still has the trademark heavy guitars, fast-paced drums, and smooth vocals this EP has a much darker sound. The band incorporated a lot more distortion in its vocals and guitar, and plays with much more intensity. The EP begins with the explosive track “Curtain Call,” which sets the tone from the beginning with a chugging rhythmic guitar and an impossibly fast drumbeat. The tempo is so quick that just picturing the drummer playing made my head spin. The song has a lot of distortion and great energy. My inner emo 13–year-old self was moshing the whole time.

The second song “New Blood” is probably my favorite song on the EP. The vocals are less shouty than “Curtain Call” and have a lot of harmonies. The song also has a rocking bass line accented by an extremely catchy guitar riff. “New Blood” also differs from the other two because it has nice a breakdown in the middle of the song, where the electric guitar is temporarily traded in for an acoustic, and the lightning-fast beat for a slow and steady one. The calm only lasts for about 30 seconds before the familiar hard-driving sound resumes.

The EP comes to an end with the song “Travelers Insurance.” The drums are symbol-heavy and accompanied by some nice vocal “ooohs” in the background you can sing along too. “Travelers Insurance” keeps up the high energy and ends the EP with a bang.

Analog Weekend is now available online to stream and to purchase on forest green vinyl (limited to 500) at the Topshelf Records E-Store.

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  1. totally agree with this review! Love the New Blood single!

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