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The Twilight Sad: No One Can Ever Know

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Photo by Nic Shonfeld

After the Scottish trio The Twilight Sad came out with its second album, there was question whether the group would be able to develop its sound enough to make it stand out. But this year’s February release of No One Can Know comes back with a fresh sound. Lead singer James Graham’s brooding voice is perfect for the more mature and cold lyrics of the album.

The lyrics, although dark, are relatable, and the post-punk sound and howling of Graham’s voice prove a great combination. Overall, the album portrays a mood nicely throughout making it an easy listen from “Alphabet” to “Kill it in the Morning.”

The acclaimed third album will get more attention with the November release of No One Can Know: The Remixes on FatCat Records. The Remixes features cuts from tracks “Sick,” “Nil,” “Not Sleeping” and “Alphabet.” Com Truise, The HorrorsTom Furse and Liars are among the more established acts involved in the reworkings, but up-and-coming artists such as Ambassadeurs and Warsnare also contributed.

The Twilight Sad, No One Can Ever Know, No One Can Ever Know: The Remixes

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