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Teen Daze: The Inner Mansions

Teen Daze, Teen Daze album review, The Inner Mansions, The Inner Mansions reviewTeen Daze – The Inner Mansions

Released: Nov. 6
Our Rating: 4/5
Spec Recs: “By Love,” “Union,” “The Heart of God”
In one word: Fluid

Teen Daze allows us to enter into a spiritual journey of sorts in his new album The Inner Mansions. The depth of emotion he was able to pull off in this album is worthy of notice. The layering of simple themes and resounding beats inspires conscious listening to the fullest. In my opinion, the songs without lyrics are the most powerful, as they truly convey the most profound sentiments. However, when used, the lyrics seem to meld right into the very tranquil sound of the album, similar to the way in which the wind acts as a melodic element when in a natural setting.

Throughout the album, Teen Daze is able to bring about new ideas that still connect to a certain “theme,” if you will. The music he creates is much more atmospheric in the sense that it transcends organic settings and evokes a very relaxing and beautiful sound that might inspire growth in nature.

In the song “The Heart of God,” meaningful repetition is used in the beginning, as it is a theme that needs repeating in order for the listener to grasp its true and profound simplicity. This song, clouded with ambient vocals overlapping each other, contains a very innocent feel — fitting for a song with such a title.

The songs we’ve been presented in The Inner Mansions are brilliant and lovely in their executions. My only listening advice would be to give the album its due notice, and first listen to it undisturbed all the way through. Once you hit the pause button, you crash into reality right away, loosing all the peaceful momentum Teen Daze has given to you through his music.

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