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Roommates: Winnifred

Ben “Young Guv” Cook of Fucked Up, The Bitters and Marvelous Darlings, and Mark Fosco of Marvelous Darlings were flatmates for four years.

During that time, they made music together under the appropriate moniker Roommates. Their original intentions were to release rare recordings and be generally unknown to the public. Together they played five shows at a small Toronto café One Stop Sandwich & Coffee, and released limited-quantity cassettes through the defunct Scotch Tapes label.

Back to the Sun / Girlfriend Swap” and “Kelly I’m Not A Creep / 1st Floor Blues,” released on previous cassettes, have been compiled into Winnifred, a 7″ vinyl on Slumberland Records.

Admittedly, the duo do not recall the making of the songs. The story behind “Back to the Sun / Girlfriend Swap,” is that “Mark came home from his deli job one day with an illicit substance he traded a customer for a deli sandwich.” Session two resulted in “Kelly I’m Not A Creep / 1st Floor Blues,” which came about in a “similar nature.”

Winnifred is nine minutes in lo-fi, power pop heaven. The catchy, clever and summer-driven vinyl can be purchased for $5.75 through Midheaven. MP3 downloads will be available March 20.


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