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Revolver, Chateau Marmont: Parisians in the Desert

Tuesday was unexpectedly chilly for a Phoenix night, but The Spec spent it outside anyway, chatting with Christophe Musset of Revolver about music, philosophy, and the undeniable greatness of French food.

Revolver and Chateau Marmont brought a little slice of Paris to Phoenix’s Rhythm Room Tuesday night, and I’m already looking forward to their return.

Musset said Revolver tries to cultivate a specific mood for their live performances, taking the audience on an interconnected emotional journey.

The mood at the Rhythm Room was decidedly upbeat throughout their set, as Musset moved about stage, switching from guitar to crooning front man, holding the mic, and our attention, very close.

In a slightly ethnocentric observation, Revolver brings to mind 1970s American rock in all the right ways, while mixing in folk and surf elements for an entirely intriguing sound. This is a band that says yes to a good time.

Revolver’s second album is due out in summer 2012, and when they come back I hope all of Phoenix joins me in welcoming their return.

As headliners, Chateau Marmont channeled Air with their lofty tunes, and entertained the crowd in between songs. Note to all bands: as Chateau Marmont has shown, speaking in robot-voices is always an unexpected crowd pleaser.

I can honestly say that I am a newly minted Chateau Marmont fan. They sound incredible live and bring a kick of rock to the Air formula of music-heavy ethereal pop.

The night got off to a rollicking start with opening band, and Phoenix natives, Factories.

I am so happy this band is from Arizona. We are seeing more and more that AZ bands defy any one “type” of music and spread their tastes across a spectrum of sound.

Factories was incredibly fun, their voices harmonizing well and effectively turning the Rhythm Room into an electronic dance party.

The band is currently unsigned, but will be releasing their first full-length album soon, do-it-yourself style.

In the meantime, The Spec will be following Factories like a jilted ex, and hopefully we’ll hear something new from them soon.

See more photos from the evening on The Spec‘s Flickr.


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