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Review: Young the Giant

Young The Giant, Show Review

Young the Giant is a band that is meant to be experienced live. I realized this back in 2012 when the group came to play in Phoenix at Crescent Ballroom. I can recall this particular concert quite vividly because it fueled my love (and maybe a little obsession) for Young the Giant. This week at Comerica Theatre, I was once again reminded why Young the Giant is one of my favorite bands.

The group opened the show with an energetic and upbeat song, “Anagram,” from its newest album. It was a great way to start the show and the band definitely kept up the energy for the remainder of the show. One thing I think that makes Young the Giant so great as a live band is the amazing vocals and harmonies between the lead singer and drummer. Lead singer Sameer Gadhia’s vocals are absolutely stunning; he can execute a ballad with such delicacy and emotion and then just completely tear it up and yell on the more upbeat songs like “My Body.”  Young the Giant has much more of a rock edge in Mind Over Matter and definitely showcased its harder sound in songs like “It’s About Time,” “Teachers,” and “Paralyzed.” They cranked up the guitar and were very percussion heavy, and encouraged the crowd to clap and sing along.

While Young the Giant did a great job on its fast-paced songs, the band truly shined in the slower songs such as “I Got” and “Firelight.”  They engaged the audience and it was mesmerizing to watch. It felt very intimate despite being in a very large theater. And I swear just for a brief second I held eye contact with Sameer… have I mentioned that Young the Giant is one of my favorite bands?

The show ended with a three-song encore consisting of “Camera,” “Mind Over Matter,” and of course “My Body.” “My Body” was the highlight of the show for me; it was the perfect way to end the night. As soon as the song began, it was as if the entire crowd had just consumed a Red Bull and finally decided it was time to go crazy. Everyone was dancing and singing along and Young the Giant was more than happy to join us.

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