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Review: Walk the Moon, Morning Parade

It seems like only yesterday I was swaying to Walk the Moon at Crescent Ballroom. I remember thoroughly enjoying their sound and promptly downloading their EP the very same evening. As I said in my previous review, I love everything that comes out of Ohio.

This time around, Walk The Moon were headlining and brought along their friends from Essex, EnglandMorning Parade.  Their debut album is set to be released into the wild on June 19.

Morning Parade frontman Steve Sparrow shared how thrilled he was to finally see the release, telling the crowd, “So, we have an  album coming out. We’re pretty happy about it to say the least.” Everyone reciprocated with applause and screams, to which Sparrow fired back, “You guys are nice.  Thank you. Do all Americans scream at everything we say? Can you even understand us with our accent?” The crowd answered with a roar that made me proud to call this MY music scene. Awesome job, Phoenix.

Sparrow’s voice is exactly what you want dancing around in your ear drums. It’s consistent, dynamic, and studio quality. It was a joy to hear.  The crowd clapped along when the band announced their final song “Headlights.” The track is their first single, check out the official video here. M.P., thanks for visiting us from across the pond!

Looking around, I noticed a familiar sight, face paint. Just about every face was painted with every color of the rainbow. Walk The Moon fans really stood out. This helped set the tone for the evening. W.T.M opened their set with “Next in Line.”  This got everyone’s feet moving, some opting to leave the confines of the ground. Their frontman Nicholas Petricca announced that is was their second time in Arizona and queried those in the crowd who saw them the first time around. He was grateful in his tone and thanked the audience for being so welcoming.

“We will be releasing our self-titled sophomore album June 19.” Petricca told the concertgoers. “It’ll have a few new songs and some old favorites. Here’s a new track.” They then proceeded to play “Fixin’.” Petricca’s voice electrified the crowd. He has a range very similar to Michael Jackson and at times I felt as though he had summoned the King of Pop himself. They ended their set with the fun song “Anna Sun.

The evening came to an end with huge applause, high fives, and people clinging to their drinks. Great show my friends, great show.


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  1. Great review! Walk the Moon always puts on such a great live show. These guys have great taste in music too! I came across their Apartment Party playlist on Songza. It’s worth checking out.

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