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Review: Toro Y Moi, Factories, Yus

Event flyer signed by Chaz Bundick

Apparently there was a Q & A with Chaz Bundick that preceded the Red Bull Music Academy show at Crescent Ballrom last night, but unless you read the last sentence in the block of text on the event flyers or the Facebook event page, you probably missed it. I did.

What I didn’t miss was a stellar performance from all the bands involved – Yus, Factories, Toro y Moi. The beats from the evening had me stomping my feet rather than pounding out notes on my pad (journalist lady stuff), and so while this review is short, it is mostly “morning after” relics.

At last night’s show, the audience and the bands were equally as jazzed on each other. Never take this for granted, usually the audience is more wanting than the musicians and no true harmony is found. Suffice to say that last night everyone was happy to be there.

I have never witnessed local acts, opening for bigger, touring acts, receive so much respect and attention from the audience. The crowd (yes there was one) embraced Yus and Factories, instead of dismissing them as background music. This is what made the show progressive.

See, the show opened with Yus, who was a little late to start because he had spent much of the day making stickers and physical copies of his album Palms for the show. What can I say about Yus that I haven’t covered? Well, if you thought his hair was full of secrets (or his talent), you’re sorely mistaken. Afro removed, Yus gave his best performance yet. (This is the opinion of a lady who has seen him live numerous times.)

“Don’t be afraid to move,” and “shake your booty,” he told the audience during his set. Dancing, head bobbing and even clapping during “Girls” ensued.

Adding to the vibe that Yus created was Factories.

“Tear it up,” said a concertgoer to Factories’ Bryan Marscovetra. “I’m gonna rip this shit up,” responded Marscovetra. And he did. They did.

Zombi” seemed to be the crowd pleaser, but as per usual, Factories delivered a high-energy performance that kept people dancing, jumping and singing along.

They radiate, you know?

I predict big things in Factories’ future. And in their near future, I know they’ll be playing shows at SXSW, which is big in and of itself.

Still riding the high set by Factories, the crowd welcomed Toro y Moi.

I overheard someone in the audience say, “Two years ago, I saw Toro open for Caribou and Toro was way better than Caribou.” I was at that show. It was my first time seeing Bundick. It was good, but definitely a different experience from last night.

Bundick, with his backing band of three, delivered a set with old and new. The sound was different than what can be heard in his recordings. It was still recognizable, dance beckoning and frankly, awesome. I credit the live band.

The performance began with “New Beat,” plumped at “Still Sound,” peaked at “Freaking Out” and coasted with “Low Shoulder.” The audience loved Toro y Moi, so said the unending singing, clapping, dancing, hooting and hollering.

The show was thorough. The bands were complementary. The audience came with open ears. Mission accomplished.


New Beat


All Alone

How I Know

Light Black

Go With You

Still Sound

Freaking Out

Saturday Love

I Can Get Love


Low Shoulder


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  1. I was there also with my boyfriend!! Amazing performance, it was my boyfriend’s first time hearing Toro y Moi and he loved it. That guy who said he saw Toro 2 years ago was actually talking to me and my boyfriend lol! The guy’s name is Greg btw. 😀

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