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Review: The Neighbourhood, Danny Brown, White Arrows

The Neighbourhood at Marquee Theatre review

The Neighbourhood

Words and photos by Gabrielle Garcia

For a Monday show, there was quite the crowd at Marquee Theatre. Fans of all ages and different genres of music lined up as early as 8 AM yesterday in Tempe ready for El Tour Blanco.

White Arrows at Marquee Theatre review

White Arrows

White Arrows opened the show with its song “Leave It Alone,”  and followed that with a new single from a forthcoming EP titled “We Can’t Ever Die.” The new single really had the crowd dancing with its funky electronic sound. White Arrows had the crowd really feeling the music and singing along during the chorus. Frontman Mickey Church kept the crowd interested with his incredible energy, explanations of song meanings, and a short purple wig.

Following White Arrows, was Michigan-based rapper Danny Brown, known for his unique sound and high energy on stage. Last night’s show was the first show of El Tour Blanco for him. ­­Brown’s style of music was quite different to the other bands on the tour. The song “Grown Up” had an old school hip hop sound that reminded me of DJ Quik‘s style of rap, with a modern twist. Brown ended his set with “Dip,” a song that everyone in the crowd had previously heard. When the chorus came in, there wasn’t a single person standing still.

Danny Brown at Marquee Theatre review

Danny Brown

The Neighbourhood, a band some had waited all day to see, let the anticipation for its perfomance build up by dimming the lights about five minutes before it went on. The lighting setup only added to the whole feel of the concert. Opening up with its song “Silver,” followed by “Female Robbery,” The Neighbourhood played a good mix of songs from previously released EPs. New songs from its forthcoming mixtape, #000000 & #FFFFFF, were also played. “Jealou$y” was released about a month ago and fans were able to hear “Givin’ N’ Takin’ & Dangerou$” live for the first time on this tour. Frontman Jesse Rutherford kept the crowd’s energy up throughout the entire set with his compelling voice and dancing on stage. Fans thought the show ended too soon and called the band back out for an encore where it finished the set with “How” and “Afraid” from debut album, “I Love You.”

All the bands on El Tour Blanco played incredible, high-energy sets last night in Tempe. One thing is for sure, you can’t miss these bands next time they stop by.

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