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Review: Shmu

Shmu, Sam Chown, shmu review

On Tuesday night., Psyko Steve brought Creepers, Daisy Face, Cave Sounds and  Shmu to the intimate Tempe venue 51 West. At the show,  Austin-based artist Shmu unveiled to a curious audience an amazing performance of his interesting new blend of shoe-gaze rock and electronic music, producing an experience that can only truly be felt. The audience filtered into the small venue, hearing the monstrous sounds of his opening number and expecting to see an orchestra, and were visibly shocked to see the lone man seated at his drum kit, producing all of this wonderful music on his own. This amazement rooted them in place, creating an audience comprised mostly of impressed and curious new fans, with a few concertgoers dancing to the groove sprinkled throughout.

Fans of Sam Chown’s other band Zorch, or even of earlier songs produced under the Shmu project, may have approached this show expecting this same polished psychedelic-pop sound. While they may have been shocked at first, the powerfully raw energy with which Shmu has presented his latest project solidified it as a worthwhile effort. The progressive new sound he is creating, and consistently producing on stage, is impressive in its own right. An intense blend of shoe-gazer rock and electronica with an emphasis upon the energy of its live performance, Shmu’s live set truly hit the mark in a big way.

Shmu, Sam Chown, shmu review

Shmu moved from song to song with lightning speed and energy, keeping the audience transfixed. He performed like a well-oiled machine, filling the small space with the interesting product of his extremely creative mind. With a new album coming out in 2015 that is more representative of this new direction in sound, fans will definitely have more to look forward to from this solo project, even if they missed this amazing performance.

shmu, shmu review



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