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Review: The Pretty Reckless, The Parlor Mob, The Hollywood Kills

The Pretty Reckless, The Parlor Mob and The Hollywood Kills kicked off The Medicine Tour in Arizona this weekend. Their first show was in Tucson at Club Congress on Friday and last night, they played Martini Ranch in Scottsdale. Unfortunately, I arrived too late to see The Hollywood Kills, but below is a review of The Parlor Mob and The Pretty Reckless’ performances.

The Parlor Mob was definitely a joy to watch. It was their first trip back to Martini Ranch since 2009. While performing, the band is energetic, all over the stage, and jumping up and down every chance they get.

Lead singer Mark Melicia kept it cool all night, drinking from a Pabst Blue Ribbon can between songs and interacting with the audience.

Near the end of their set, Melicia asked the crowd if they were ready for The Pretty Reckless and a concertgoer yelled, “I want to see The Parlor Mob!” When the Mob finished their last song, “The Beginning,” Melicia addressed the crowd who was chanting, “Parlor Mob,” by saying, “You guys are crazy.” One audience member said he was going to cry because The Parlor Mob was done playing. Melicia replied, “I’m going to cry tonight, too.”


After All

American Dream

Fall Back

Everything You’re Breathing For

I Want to See You

Hard Times

Into the Sun

The Beginning

The Pretty Reckless were next and kept the energy going. Taylor Momsen, lead vocalist, wore an oversized white t-shirt and stockings with boots. The band’s third song, “Zombie,” was a total hit. Everyone in the crowd cheered and sang along. During “Miss Nothing,” Momsen leaned forward and kissed a girl who was in the front of the audience.

My favorite part of the night was The Pretty Reckless’ cover of The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army.” Flawless performance of a timeless song. For “My Medicine,” Momsen put on a guitar for the first time of the night and asked the audience to sing along, which they did. During the song, the band threw what looked like shirts into the audience.

The Pretty Reckless finished with “Factory Girl” and left the stage. If you’ve ever been to Martini Ranch, you know there’s really nowhere for musicians to go without being bombarded by fans. So five security guards created a wall around Momsen while her makeup was touched up, and she returned to stage for the encore, “Nothing Left To Lose.” After a brief “thank you, Scottsdale,” The Pretty Reckless was done and whisked off stage by security.

This being only their second show for this tour, the bands put on a great show.  I would definitely see them again, if given the chance.


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  1. Wish I could have been there to see The Parlor Mob. Their live performances are fantastic! No wonder the fans wanted more.

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