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Review: P83 Party Featuring Candlebox, Darkness Dear Boy

The P83 Party was by far one of the best show experiences I’ve had in years. This party was so big they had to close 83rd Avenue from Paradise Lane to Mariners Way, a good quarter of a mile. There were food vendors, two Budweiser trucks, booths from local businesses and a car dealership with new cars on display. My favorite part was the section full of rides and bouncy houses, which had a zip line anyone could ride on! I got there early so I could walk around and take a look at every booth. There were people of all ages and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves with the various options of entertainment. As much as I loved walking around and talking with people, I was there to watch some live music. And boy did Darkness Dear Boy deliver, again.

The view from Darkness Dear Boy stage.

Darkness Dear Boy opened with “Mind Games” and got everyone dancing right away. After their second song, “Dominos,” lead singer, Ted Organ, admitted to it being a great day mainly because he woke up and had four girl scout cookies for breakfast. This got a good laugh from the crowd. Organ dedicated “Day Drinkin’” to friends and family that were at the show. After that, they proposed a toast to Arizona and all that they had accomplished so far.

My favorite performance and song, hands down, was “Pointed Middle Finger.” Darkness Dear Boy introduced this song as a “love song,” which it technically is, just not the mushy love song you would have expected. Yet, it is still a song we can all relate to, basically pointing a middle finger at an ex.

They kept it going with a self-proclaimed “honky tonk” performance which got everybody dancing (and spilling their beers). Then the played an unexpected Neil Young cover of “Cinnamon Girl.” While on stage Organ made it a point to thank The Phoenix New Times and The Spec for writing articles about the band and KDKB who had had them on the air earlier in the week.

All in all, the P83 Party was awesome, unique, beyond wonderful. Darkness Dear Boy stole the show and had the crowd going all night long while they were on stage, which was approximately an hour and a half set. Organ’s voice can match the smooth reggae sound of some of their songs or the hoarse, fast-paced beats of their punk sound. As I said earlier this week, Darkness Dear Boy is not a show you want to miss. They play every Wednesday at the Long Wong’s in Tempe and have some other shows lined up for the summer, which are listed on their website.


Candlebox closed out the show with an hour and a half set. Having been a fan of Candlebox for quite a few years, it was definitely amazing to finally see them play live. The set was filled with songs from their new album and Into the Sun, which was released in 2008.

The set finished with two of their most well-known songs from their self-titled debut album, released in 1993. “Far Behind” closed the show and the band played “You” for the encore.

While backstage after the show, I overheard someone telling Kevin Martin, lead vocalist, that the performance sounded exactly like the record. I completely agree with this statement, but I don’t find this to be a compliment. It felt as though Candlebox was playing the way they think they should have played, sounding exactly like the record. They could have put more energy into their live performance.

They do make good music though. I have, and will always be, a fan. The show last night just was not how I imagined my first Candlebox experience.


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  1. sorry that ur first experience of cbox live wasnt as amazing as u may have expected. however ive seen these guys since 94 one of the reason why i love not only their music but the “LIVE” in ur face rock n roll show is because its never sounded “just like the album” im hope you overhearing a comment like that will only make you want to go to annother show just so you intentionally do hear the differences.!!! ive bootlegged many many of their concerts over the years and beg to differ the soundeing like the album comment.

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