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Review: Mmoths, White Arrows, Beat Connection

Words by Paula Tesoriero

The first few words that come to mind when thinking about last night’s Mmoths, White Arrows and Beat Connection show are “unexpected dance party.” Mmoths opened the night with deep beats that resounded throughout the half-full Rhythm Room. Audience members sat in admiration as Jack Colleran, master mixer, charmed his way through various moveable medleys and even a brilliant remix of Vacationer’s “Trip.” The concertgoers seemed connected with the performance and swayed to the music. Colleran did what opening acts are meant to do — stimulate the audience.

White Arrows took the stage next. Bassist Steven Vernet set the mood when he turned on the fog machine, which rendered the space nearly invisible and added a sense of peace. The band went straight into their set with an energetic and passionate rendition of “Roll Forever.” Throughout their performance, they played with so much intensity that their instruments emitted as much sound and fervor as they themselves possessed. During one of the songs, Vernet walked around the audience while playing a light-up tambourine, which the fans certainly appreciated. White Arrows thanked the audience for being there and announced that they and Beat Connection both had debut albums out that day, so the show was special to them all. Singer Mickey Church did not disappoint when it came to vocals. The band’s stage presence was enough to loosen the audience up and soon enough the crowd was busting out their finest dance moves and moving to the music as if no one was watching. When their set ended, I was left wanting more.

The carefree vibe magnified when Beat Connection began their set. Lead singer Tom Eddy hit every note perfectly, even as he went into higher ranges. I’ll admit that doubts loomed in the back of my mind about whether or not he could hit those notes, but he always proved me wrong. Jordan Koplowitz and Reed Juenger, the minds behind Beat Connection, brought forth an intense vigor. They coaxed the audience to share in their positive energy and the fans did not hold back. Beat Connection used six rod-like light fixtures that shot out an array of colors that matched the beats. The visual elements helped portray the music in a more real and tangible sense.

In the end, the show was a complete success. I may have left with a saddened and tired heart, but my ears resonated the mixture of incredible sound from all three acts.

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