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Review: Hey Champ, French Horn Rebellion, Parallels

French Horn Rebellion at Crescent Ballroom

French Horn Rebellion

Words and photos by Caitlin Carter

Memorial Day at Crescent Ballroom ended in a dance party as lights, fog machines and disco-synth pop filled the ballroom. Parallels, French Horn Rebellion and Hey Champ performed into the night for an energetic, grooving crowd.

Hey Champ at Crescent Ballroom

Hey Champ

French Horn Rebellion, a brother duo from Wisconsin, went on a little after 8 P.M.. Its set was top notch, featuring a variety of original and cover songs. “Up All Night” was my favorite of the original tracks, featuring a video game-like synths over strong bass beats and strong vocals. However, its cover of Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me” stole the show (and my heart), garnering the greatest reaction and interaction from the intimate crowd.

Hey Champ came on shortly after, and the first thing I noticed was all the trio in stripes. Frontman Saam Hagshenas pointed out between songs that the stripes were happenstance, and he had gotten dressed first. Hagshenas showed an incredible control over his inflection and sound throughout the set. “Cold Dust Girl,” unarguably their most well-known track, helped round out the last few songs of the night after drummer Jonathan Marks broke part of his drum set in the middle of “Celebrate.” Thankfully, it was not the fabulous glitter snare.

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