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Review: Field Music’s ‘Plumb’

 Peter and David Brewis of Field Music

If there’s one thing you must know about Field Music, it’s that they’ve been around for some time and have a rich history.  Plumb is their fourth album release through Memphis Industries. For this album, Peter and David Brewis (yes, they’re siblings) decided to dabble in a concept and apply it.  They call it “surreal abstractions.” Each of their songs will take the listener on a journey through a tribute of sorts.  They refer it as “sounds of 20th century film.

Album art for "Plumb"Start The Day Right” will do for you exactly  as the title suggests.  It invites and welcomes you through the journey of the rest of the album.  Midway through the track there’s a wonderful time change that really captures you in the environment they’re trying to create.  You may even hear a little bit of a Beatles-esque sound.  I find that to be a great thing. By the time you reach “Choosing Sides,” you’ll find yourself in an underwater environment.  You can almost feel the flow of water rushing around you.  Be sure to say hello to Jaws and Nemo while you’re there.  It may have something to do with the sound of bubbles.  Then again, I could just be going crazy.  Sooner or later you’ll come upon the track “So Long Then.”  It pushes toward a feeling of intermission.  I say this because it allows you to reflect on what you’ve experienced so far.  It forces you to slow down.  Guess what though? Before you know it, the next track is playing and you are dancing in your seat (or wherever you happen to be listening from).  There’s so much variety in this album.  It doesn’t stick to one genre.  It’s a buffet of wonderful sounds.  You will be coming back for seconds.

One too many times I’ve gotten lost in the feeling of music and often get encapsulated in its emotions. Plumb creates an environment of synths, strings and vocals.  You may get lost or you may get found.  The album includes 15 tracks in a running time of 35 minutes and 40 seconds.   If you happen to enjoy the emotion of film, give this album an ear. It drops Feb. 14 in the good ol’ US of A.

Fun facts from Wikipedia:

  • “In the interview with, legendary guitarist and producer, Al Kooper said that Field Music is his favorite new band”
  • “The band have been chosen personally by Belle & Sebastian to perform at their second Bowlie Weekender festival in the UK in December 2010

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