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Review: Ewert and the Two Dragons

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Four Estonians walk on stage at Rhythm Room in Phoenix. One rocks a slight handlebar mustache and they all are dressed in a very casual-but-I-care type way. Without announcing anything, they slip into their set with stoic faces. However, as soon as they begin to play, you can tell that the audience is in for an enjoyable evening.

Having heard very little of Ewert and the Two Dragons before, I was quite taken aback at the song that the group started the show with. I’ve searched high and low for the title but, alas, to no avail. In any case, it was a song that supplied a vast array of colors in the chords the band chose to play. Throughout the set, the band maintained a relaxed composure, even slightly playful at times. One thing I specifically recall is that in the first song, the drummer seemed to only be concerned with playing simplistic rhythms. I chuckled to myself as I thought perhaps he was only a touring member. Mere minutes into the piece though, he suddenly started playing drums in such an intense manner that I thought his set might collapse at any given moment.

Ewert and the Two (plus the drummer) Dragons had a performance that exemplified a decrescendo of sorts. Meaning the band started the evening playing songs that seemed to have greater depth to them, but by the end of the set was playing more up-beat and “feel-good” music. This was rather upsetting, considering that the first few songs the band played were, in my opinion, much more pleasing than the latter portion of its show. The group is a good band. Its talent as musicians shone brightly throughout the night. Another redeeming quality about the band is that it successfully pulled off complex rhythmic changes with ease. At one point during the show, members even talked about banana bread, and how when it comes to something like banana bread, you could not go wrong.

The last song the band played had the crowd on the 21+ side dancing along. These people cast aside their self-awareness and allowed the music to move them. Congrats to Ewert and the Two Dragons on their first and successful show in Phoenix, Ariz.

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