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Review: The Dodos

The Dodos review

Sunday night, at an extremely crowded Crescent Ballroom, The Dodos showed fans in the Phoenix music scene two important truths. First, that the band is not headed toward a quiet extinction, as their namesake seems to suggest. Second, that should they ever face such a cruel fate, they certainly would not go gently into that good night. Instead, they would put together a final performance so powerful it would bring down the very bricks surrounding them.

The Dodos reviewPlaying to a large audience, the duo showcased its ability to not only put on an amazing performance, but also make the performance feel like an intimate, private concert with varied interactions with fans. Telling stories and jokes in between songs, each member of the crowd was given a feeling of kinship with the duo, as if they had known these two for years, and were simply catching up after a long period apart. The set was a perfect blend of songs off the two newest albums, Carrier and Individ, as well as some older standards for the more die-hard members in the crowd.

The Dodos reviewThe encore was an interesting experiment, which started with an acoustic song performed alone by Meric Long. Then, for the final song, the band decided to take suggestions from the crowd. After some deliberation, and the revelation that they could not understand a single word the fans were shouting, they decided to perform a medley of old and new songs together into one final tour-de-force for the evening. This encore performance seemed to be a perfect microcosm for the entire show, mixing the duo’s musical range over the last several years with heavy crowd interaction for a shared experience that isn’t offered by many bands.

The Dodos will continue its tour of the United States through March and has international shows scheduled from April through May. Check out the full tour schedule here.

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  1. Anyone have a setlist from the show and could post it?

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