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Review: He’s My Brother She’s My Sister

My friend and local designer, Mike Giles, summed up the show almost perfectly. He stated “I think I’m in love with the tap-dancing drummer.” Mike, you’re only half correct.  What you should have said is “I think I’m in love with the tap-dancing drummer, the exaggerated-ridiculous-awesome bass player, the spectacular slide guitarist and the talented brother/sister combo.”

He’s My Brother She’s My Sister (HMBSMS) is a band you have to see live.

Rob and  Rachel Koler (the brother and sister) announced to everyone that this was their first show in five weeks. You would have never known.  They came out with buckets of energy and opened with ”Clackin Heels.”  About two minutes in, the crowd got silent, the band got silent and Lauren Brown showed us what she does best: tap dance. Who would have thought that the first song of the set would have a tap-dance solo? Everyone went nuts.

HMBSMS announced that the title of their upcoming full-length, Nobody Dances in this Town, holds no bearing on Tempe. This statement ushered us into one of the best parts of the evening as two random fans yelled out, “We drove two hours to see you guys play live.” Guess what HMBSMS did? They invited them on stage! With enthusiasm and heart they sang backup vocals to “Tales that I Tell.

As I’ve been telling everyone, HMBSMS is in my “Top 5” bands I love to see live. If they’re in Phoenix again, or visiting your town, do yourself a favor and go see them. They’re all so nice and wonderful.


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