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Allo Darlin’: Europe

I first heard Allo Darlin’ a little over a year ago and I enjoyed their music, specifically “Dreaming” and more specifically, “My Heart is a Drummer.”

Maybe it was the sound of something new, Elizabeth Morris’ cute accent that came through with every lyric, or the emotional connection I had with the songs at the time. Whatever the case, I liked them.

On those notes, I was excited when the new Allo Darlin’ album landed in The Spec’s inbox a month ago.

Europe comes out April 17 on Slumberland Records and is the follow up to the band’s self-titled debut released in June 2010. Almost two years later and Allo Darlin’ is more sweet than ever.

The first word that came to mind when I began to listen was “innocent.” No matter what Morris sings about, her voice is so soft and lovable I can’t help but feel she’s the girl next door with a genuine smile and a need to make sure all is right in the world.

Taking a closer listen to the lyrics, however, I realized my first impression was too fundamental.

Morris’ lyrics and voice garner a feeling of falling in love. Not the kind marred by preconceived notions and a concern for heartbreak, but rather the feelings of childlike love, when nothing matters but the elevated heartbeat felt with a simple touch of the hand.

Her lyrics swell with nostalgia for a simpler time, while looking forward to what the future can bring.

In standout “Capricornia,” the album’s second track, Morris asks “don’t you want to be someone / you’ve got to let it go / if we stay we will be old before we know.”


In “Tallulah,” my lyrical favorite off the album, Morris sings with only a ukulele, “And its been a long time / since I’ve seen all my old friends / but I really love my new friends / I feel I’ve known them a long while.”

And again nostalgia is at the forefront, “I’m wondering if I’ve met all the people that will mean something / but I find myself daydreaming of the places where we used to stay / I used to brush them away.”


The feeling of love I mentioned earlier shines through in “Still Young” as Morris sings, “And I cannot explain why I haven’t been feeling myself / this expectation has taken hold and pins my back against the wall.

The song closes with, “and when I see you from the bus / it’s my heart that stops / and when I leave you in the station I just want to say / hey baby take me home.”

Still Young:

Europe is an album about moving forward. There are elements of  love, heartbreak and a longing for the past, all of which any human has felt as they transition into adulthood. With Europe, Allo Darlin’ proves they aren’t just the indie-pop band next door, they’ve matured and supply a sophomore album that’s worthy of a listen.

If you like what you hear, make the two-hour drive to Tucson on May 4 and check them out at Club Congress, an intimate venue with a haunted tale.


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