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Review: Pujol Entrances Scottsdale Audience

Pujol, Pujol Live, Scottsdale, Pub Rock Live Pujol showed at Scottsdale’s Pub Rock Live on Sunday night that it is the kind of band that needs to be seen live.There is a crisp quality to its live sound and energy that cannot be fully captured in recording. Lead singer Daniel Pujol‘s voice comes across in the same tones as on the records, and yet somehow there was a stronger presence to his vocals live.

The show they put on is the kind that will leave fans needing to see them again, as the records won’t be enough any more. The set list was a strong mix of older songs for tried and true fans,  noteworthy songs off the latest album, Kludge, that have a high energy and sound, and even a new track tentatively titled “Junebug” that has yet to be fully recorded and gave listeners a taste of what is yet to come.

From the first moment that the band started playing, there was an energy emanating into the crowd, a pure synchronization of the members that allowed the band to become more than the average group to take the stage. Instead of just a drummer, bassist, guitarist, and singer, the bad had allowed itself to coalesce into something greater, a powerful force of music and emotion, gripping all of the audience.

After lead guitarist Brett Rosenberg entertained the crowd with a series of “meta-puns,” the band reached a point of critical mass, launching into a series of songs from both the new and old album separated only by a breath. The final jam solo at the end of “Circles,” which had a powerful feeling of genius improvisation, flowed directly into the next song. This powerful eruption that Pujol unleashed upon the crowd proved to be too much for the apathetic audience members. Until then, they were content to sip their drinks while seated in the bar section but were now pulled toward the stage, crowding the standing room area that had before only been modestly filled. By the time “Youniverse” was played as the final track of its set, most members of the crowd could be seen dancing and swaying to the beat.

As the band left the stage, it was met with applause and cheering three to four times the strength than when it had taken the stage, evidently they created new fans during the show. No holds barred from start to finish, Pujol showed that it has a vision for its music, and it will not let anything stand in its way.

This amazing performance showed that the band is on its way to bringing rock back to a place it once resided, where it was powerful, loud and evocative, but also held a certain power in the hearts of fans. A power that let them feel, either during concerts, or when listening at their own leisure, that they were part of something greater, a movement of emotion and thought, perfectly captured by those beautiful lyrics.

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