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Photos, Videos: Mergence, KONGOS, The Technicolors, Huckleberry at Crescent Ballroom

We’re certain that last night’s show at Crescent Ballroom¬†featuring Huckleberry, The Technicolors, KONGOS, and Mergence was part of what Charlie Levy envisioned when he thought up the venue, or what Kimber Lanning and so many other influential people in the local (music) scene have been striving for when they say “support local.”

Seeing four local bands perform in a ballroom that is close to (or at) maximum capacity (that’s nearly 550 people) is thrilling. It’s a sight to behold in the city that sometimes feels barren, devoid of participants.

View photos and video from the event below…


The Technicolors




View more photos from the evening on The Spec‘s Flickr.


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