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Panama Wedding: Parallel Play EP


Panama Wedding — Parallel Play EP

Release Date(s): June 3 
Rating: 4.8/5 
Spec Recs: “Uma”
In one word:  “Catchy”

If you listen to KWSS 93.9FM, then you’ve probably heard “All of the People,” the first track on  Panama Wedding‘s Parallel Play EP. It starts with a clicking drum-beat and a catchy keyboard synth. This music compositionally sounds like CHVRCHES, as well as a less-annoying version of Foster the People. The song is catchy, memorable, and bound to be a summer anthem. Nothing sticks out, but it is crafted together to form a perfectly balanced dance track.

Probably my favorite track on the album “Uma” begins with a funky drumbeat and an orchestral-choir-like mashed-up synth. The vocalist is actually very talented, which is not normally the case with electronic projects. An OK vocalist can hide behind tracks among tracks of synth sounds and portray themselves as a good singer. But Panama Wedding’s singer is talented, and his well-written melody line in “Uma” portrays that. He claims: “I wish I didn’t love you but I do—,“ which is a feeling some of us are more familiar with than others. The track is a mixture of Young the Giant’s “I Got” and Bombay Bicycle Club’s “Luna,” which are two tunes I jam regularly.

The third track, “Trust,” begins almost Depeche Mode-esque with its echoed bass drum. The beat sounds like a drumbeat from Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” days. “Can we be more than friends? Because I’ve got my money on you tonight,” is stated in the chorus. Is he making a bet on being with someone, or legitimately paying for someone, like a prostitute? Lyrics can be tricky in interpretation like that, but this track is definitely the most sassy and funky on the album. If the girls of HAIM covered this song, you’d think it was their own.

Feels Like Summer” begins with wind chimes and then leads into a dance summer anthem, similar to Rihanna’s “We Found Love in a Hopeless Place.” The song lives up to the title, it certainly feels like summer with this track– driving down the freeway with the top down on your way out of town. His lyric “I won’t be coming home tonight” is a common summer trend: staying up late until you either can’t drive home or drive home in the morning after you haven’t slept all night.

This album is perfect for the summer– dancing, sun, beats, and blasting in your car along with the full-blown air conditioner. Panama Wedding delivered in this EP, but I wish there were more tracks. Four is not enough.

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