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Painted Palms: Forever

Painted Palms, Forever, album review Painted Palms– Forever

Release date(s): Jan. 14
Our Rating: 4.6/5
Spec Recs: “Angels” “Hypnotic” “Sleepwalking”
In one word: Dreamy

Painted Palms is a band of cousins who create music that is beauty. Composed of Reese Donohue and Chris Prudhomme, Painted Palms has finally graced the world with a full-length album. After having to be satisfied with only an EP and single with an included B-side, I can’t truly articulate how much I anticipated having more than seven songs to listen to from this clearly talented group of gentlemen. Now, having listened to and absorbed the new album Forever, I can state with brutal honesty that my admiration for this band has increased tenfold.

They stick true to their jingly, oceanic sounds that wave in and out through various tracks. The music is quite atmospheric in the sense that I think it would be the best thing to listen to if one was to create a video of activities going on at the ocean. In many of the songs, I felt a very strong Beatles vibe, with descending bass lines and melodies working in tandem. It definitely works to the band’s advantage; only I feel that it’s a bit overused. I think that the fact that I got so much Beatles inspiration was a little bit of a let down, only because it seemed less their own music and more of someone else’s. This would be my only gripe about the album.

One of the things that drew me to Painted Palms in the first place was Prudhomme’s voice. His voice melted my ears the moment I heard him utter that first note when I saw the band open for Starfucker. His voice has only become more dreamy since then and is showcased so well in this album that at times it’s hard for me to listen past it to see what other neat things are going on in the background. My favorite song on the album is “Angels.” Fitting, since Prudhomme’s voice whilst singing this track sounds so heavenly. However, the main reason I adore this song is because it has one of those melodies that’s so good I wish I had written it. That is the highest compliment I can pay to a fellow songwriter, so congratulations Painted Palms, you’ve won my heart.

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