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Nude Beach: II

Looking for an album to get you back into the swing of school? Look no further than the rockin’, swingin’ tunes by Nude Beach on their second album II, released Aug. 14.

Nude Beach was born in 2008. Members include Chuck Betz, Ryan Naideau, and Jimmy Shelton, all of whom played punk rock together in Northport, NY during high school and beyond. They began performing at house venues, such as parties and BBQs, until Naideau persuaded his parents to allow their basement to be transformed into a show space for traveling bands. After playing from house to house throughout the neighborhood, Nude Beach began performing in dive bars and warehouse lofts regularly. They became a part of the DIY community, releasing their cassettes and LPs themselves, booking their own tours, and contributing to other punk bands and venues.

Remember the saying, “rock ‘n’ roll is here to stay”? That’s because Nude Beach is keeping it alive. Resembling the rock ‘n’ roll drive of Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, Nude Beach takes inspiration from The Byrds, The Replacements and The Jams. The singer reminds me of a young Bob Dylan, with his high timbre.

Their tune “Keep It Cool” brings back the days of greasing your hair, cuffing your jeans and grabbing a girl by the waist. This song will make you twist and shout. These guys have a passion for recreating the sound of throwing a 7” vinyl on the record player and dancing the night away. The track “Cathedral Echoes” will be sure to wake you up from your summer slumber. Don’t forget to shake your head and play air guitar while listening to this gem. My favorite track on the album is “You Don’t Have to Try,” which reminds me of a slow waltz with someone you love or want to hook up with after the song ends.

Nude Beach’s II is available for purchase through Fat Possum. If you’re located in or around New York, be sure to check them out at the Union Pool in Brooklyn for their record release party on Aug.16. Arizona residents can see the band live on Sept. 20 at Tempe Tavern.

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