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Melody’s Echo Chamber: Self-Titled Debut Album

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Imagine carrying around that feeling of teenage angst whilst perceiving the world through kaleidoscope glasses, hazy around the edges. Now put that experience into a song. Having a tough time doing so? Thankfully Melody Prochet has done the work for you in her song “I Follow You,” the first track from Melody’s Echo Chamber’s new self-titled album, released Sept. 25.

The story goes: after a show, Prochet tracked down lead singer and songwriter Kevin Parker of Tame Impala in order to evoke some answers from him regarding his guitar sound. Though no response was given to those specific questions, a collaboration between the two came about in a most superb way. Parker aided in the recording and production of Melody’s Echo Chamber.

The songs on the album all have a Tame Impala dipped sound, though they still stay true to a very post-hippie movement that Prochet seems to have captured in her writing. Not only do they have the ability to transport one’s mind to another era, Prochet’s haunting vocals add a very “world swimming by” type of feel to each song. The languid feel combined with unique chord progressions of the music makes for a perfect filtering-into-fall soundtrack. The tracks all have a level of complexity to them, yet they are interestingly easy to listen to.

In my opinion, “Mount Hopeless,” track eight off the album, marries the two artists’ efforts the best. Using a Tame Impala-esque reverb and keeping the melody and lyrics mysterious creates a perfect union of the two styles. The occasional track sung in French serves as an especially refreshing surprise to the listener. The two artists’ efforts combine flawlessly to create an album that lacks only in its length, as by the end I was left wishing to hear more.

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