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Jonathan Rado: Law & Order

Jonathan Rado, Foxygen, Jonathan Rado review, Law and Order, Law and Order album review, album reviewJonathan Rado– Law & Order

Released: Sept. 3
Our Rating: 3/5
Spec Recs: “Seven Horses,” “Law & Order”
In One Word: Unfiltered

From the innovative mind of one of Foxygen’s own leading members comes an album that confuses and captivates at the same time. Before listening to Law & Order, I went on a brief Foxygen binge, thinking I was preparing myself in the perfect way for this aural journey. However, as soon as “Seven Horses,” began I could tell that Rado had other expectations for this album; perhaps he tried to distinguish himself in a light other than Foxygen’s. All I can say to that is “cheers!”

In Law & Order, there are songs that I adore and others that I could honestly do without. One thing that goes without question is that Jonathan Rado is a brilliant songwriter. He knows how to orchestrate his pieces well. The few things I can’t seem to get past, yet, involve incessant screaming of the same lyric, the general bumpiness of the album, and the select songs that seem to be more of jam pieces than actual songs.

Now that I’ve said my piece on what I found unpleasant, let’s talk about the brilliant parts. Rado does a superb job of adding past influences into his music. He may not do this on purpose, but I definitely feel like this album could easily have come out of the early 70s as more of an avant-garde rock album, and what title would fit that period better than Law & Order? My favorite track off the album is the opener “Seven Horses.” The melody sung by Rado is pure genius. Not only is the sound enhanced, but I feel the song as a whole is the optimal opener for any album.

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