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Jackson Scott: Melbourne

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Jackson Scott — Melbourne

Released: July 23
Our Rating: 2.5/5
Spec Recs: “Any Way,” “Sandy”
In One Word: Dazed

Melbourne is the debut LP from North Carolina musician Jackson Scott. “Only Eternal,” the 1:33 intro track follows the lead of its title. It feels like driving or riding through an endless tunnel that is dimly lit, an echoing chamber for sounds to play in.

Even with its 12 tracks, the album feels sparse and totals to only 30 minutes. The listener’s mind may slip and slide in the sounds, but when it gives up trying to pin down special moments, it can melt into the textures and “apocalptic melodies.” It’s not an album worth dismissing entirely because every listen sounds as if it has been drawn through a different filter. There are nuances among the songs, although wholely the release seems to come from the same wonderous womb.

Tracks “Sandy,” “That Awful Sound” and “Tomorrow” bring out more of Scott’s vocals, which are endearingly flexible. Childlike in some moments, and feminine or masculine in others. In the songs where his vocals are distinguishable, the lyrics read like notes from the diary of a teenager or the mental notes of an adult who still nurtures angst. They are philosophical in nature, musings about life. “It’s hard to find some peace of mind” he sings in “That Awful Sound,” and “didn’t have a choice this time, I guess,” he concludes in “Sandy.” In “Tomorrow,” he emphasizes, “don’t want to / don’t need you.” We’ve all been there. We’ve all done that. In this respect, Scott channels all of us in his atmospheric tunage.

Any Way“‘ is a personal favorite on the album. “She could be the one you’re looking for / isolation can be such a bore,” Scott whines. The song is upbeat enough to make a lady swing her hips or a fellow tap his foot. Perhaps this is why I favor the track and can’t escape playing it multiple times in a row. It sounds innocently blissful.

If you need descriptors, Melbourne is a release “channeling kraut, punk, surf and pop as one psych rock solvent,” but when taken in through the natural senses, it far less definable.

Scott will tour with Unknown Mortal Orchestra beginning in September. Catch him live at Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix on Sunday, Sept. 29. Tickets, $14-$16 are still available online through Ticketfly.


  1. Stop. Reverse that. “didn’t have a choice this time, I guess,” is from “Sandy”, and “It’s hard to find some peace of mind,” is from “That Awful Sound”. I know because ahm his mothah.

    • Noted, thanks!

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