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Generationals: Lucky Numbers

Generationals, Generationals Lucky Numbers, Generationals album review, Generationals EP, Lucky Numbers reviewGenerationals – Lucky Numbers

Released: Oct. 2

Our Rating: 3/5

Spec Recs: “Hazel House,” “Sale City”

In one word: Ethereal

In Generationals‘ new EP Lucky Numbers, Grant Widmer and Ted Joyner experiment with electronic-infused riffs to create a rather hypnotic experience for the audience. Expect to use this release as the soundtrack for your next strobe light party. In “Hazel House,” lo-fi and calm vocals of Widmer and Joyner seem to be placed more in the background for resonant verses, making their anticipated forefront appearance for the chorus catchier and more powerful. In the rest of the EP, the combination of the two voices adds a very calm yet raw feeling to the music. The frequent and appealing use of ’80’s keyboards and synth provides a sound that is on the verge of dance music. At the very least, the appealing rhythms and digital touch make for uncontrollable head bopping.

Catch Generationals live with RACES and ROAR at Crescent Ballroom on Saturday, Nov. 17. Tickets and event details available here.

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