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Generationals: Heza

Generationals, Generationals album review, Heza, Heza album reviewGenerationals — Heza

Released: April 2
Our Rating: 3.5/5
Spec Recs:  “Extra Free Year,” “You Got Me,” “Durga II”
In One Word: Charming

Generationalsnew album, Heza, on its new label, Polyvinyl Records, is a good fit. The third full-length release from the pop-producing duo falls comfortably in sequence with its discography. From afar, the album doesn’t seem much different from what the pair is used to delivering, but distinctive details come with multiple listens.

The pace is dialed down from previous releases, but even the subdued and chilled components fit with the band’s aesthetic. The songs aren’t showy or overdone, and they don’t need to be. Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer have been playing music together for a decade, producing under the name Generationals since 2008.

In Heza, the band plays with repitition (a sure sign of confidence), melds electronic and organic elements seamlessly, dabbles in signature sounds from classic and modern music, and delivers catchy tracks. “Extra Free Year,” “You Got Me,” and “Durga II” are personal favorites, but there aren’t straight lines that connect the three. “Extra Free Year” leans more on electronics, “You Got Me” is notably slower and features layered vocals and sampling, and closing track “Durga II” is enticing from a lyrical standpoint.

Heza is the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” release, which is not to say that Generationals was lax in production. The album is cohesive. It speaks to the maturity of its creators and their strength in their niche.

There’s no doubt that the release will translate into an exciting live show, which is good news because the band will begin touring this month, with a trip to Crescent Ballroom on June 4.

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