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Fort Lean: Change Your Name EP

Fort Lean review, Fort Lean, Change Your Name EP, Change Your Name EP review, Change Your NameFort Lean – Change Your Name EP

Released: Nov. 13
Our Rating: 3/5
Spec Recs: “The Mall,” “Envious”
In one word: Classic

Brooklyn-based band Fort Lean shows off some brilliant new tunes in its new EP, Change Your Name. The album begins with “Do You Remember,” a prom anthem in the way the easygoing beat and haunting guitar riffs lend perfectly to side-to-side dancing. Vocals from Keenan Mitchell add a bit of life to the song in their strong delivery and impressive range.

In track two, “The Mall,” we shift gears and enter into a classic rock atmosphere. Again, Mitchell’s vocals paired with the slightly more upbeat and “rockin’” song defines the overall vibe of the track. With “Envious,” Fort Lean is able to, in a mere two and a half minutes, convey a sense of angst and want in the use of melodic octave jumping, hand clapping, and background singing during the chorus. The highlight of the song occurs at 1:19 when Mitchell shows off his upper range abilities while the guitar couples perfectly in its momentarily legato nature.

The last song on the EP, “All the Lights,” shows off Fort Lean’s sentimental side. Starting with a slower and lyrically gripping intro, the band heads off into a more soft rock sound. However, it stays true to its roots by adding in a few moments of loud drumming and quick strumming throughout the song. In the end, this exciting mix of songs has me pining a bit for the release of a full-length album.

Purchase, or stream, the EP on Bandcamp.

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