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Filligar: Hexagon

Filligar, album review, Hexagon

Filligar– Hexagon

Released: July 23
Our Rating: 3.3/5
Spec Recs: “New Local,” “Knock Yourself Out,” “Ozona”
In One Word: Americana

In its newest album Hexagon, Chicago rock quartet Filligar definitely did its best to modernize Americana rock. Many of the songs on the album showcase accomplishment in said genre twist. Though a few are lacking in finesse, I would say that all around the band put forward a solid album.

In my opinion, the songs that are most successful on the album are the ones in which the band tried to do something different, something that’s not run of the mill, such as “Digging for Water.” Though it starts with a rather country-rock intro, given the addition of the harmonica, once the verse comes around the creativity and combination of two different styles works flawlessly. In contrast, the song “Lock and Key” could have come right out of the ’90s. The music is not bad by any means, there is simply a shortage of deeper exploration in this piece.

The band’s use of the piano on the album is brilliant. Even though the riffs tend to be simplistic, they greatly enhance the music, especially the music’s intrigue factor. The contrast between the songs that cling to the classic American rock roots, and those that exhibited newer and more complex influence on the album, is also a highlight. The songs that differ in this way are needed so that once you listen to one style, you’re better able to appreciate the other.

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