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Dutch Uncles: Out of Touch in the Wild

Dutch Uncles, Dutch Uncles album review, Out of Touch in the Wild, Out of Touch in the Wild reviewDutch Uncles — Out of Touch in the Wild

Released: April 2
Our Rating: 4/5
Spec Recs:  “Pondage,” “Flexxin,” “Fester”
In One Word: Exotic

There’s much that can be said about an album like Out of Touch in the Wild, but I’ll spare you all the pain and shorten it down to the majestic moments it embodies. The title is quite an accurate description of the music that exists underneath.

This album is exceedingly fun and catchy without being too silly or in your face. The members from Dutch Uncles supply listeners with shoulder-moving songs that also have depth. Singer/pianist Duncan Wallis has a voice that ties all of the quirky and brilliant musical ideas and instrumentation together. His vocals complement the music perfectly and bring the songs to a level of extreme cohesion.

The usage of strings in songs such as “Flexxin” and “Zug Zwang” proves the extensive musicianship these fellows have. Also threaded throughout the majority of the tracks are sounds from marimbas and even xylophones. One might wonder how exactly these will be able to seamlessly work into the music, especially with the strings. I’m here to put your mind at ease by saying that the combinations work quite brilliantly and are among the album’s greatest qualities. Dutch Uncles members are able to utilize instruments to their fullest potential.

Out of Touch in the Wild is definitely an album that will show itself throughout my summer playlist. With song names like “Pondage,” how could you not listen to this album?

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