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Doomsquad: Kalaboogie

Doomsquad, album review, Kalaboogie,  Kalaboogie reviewDoomsquad — Kalaboogie

Release date(s): Feb. 25
Our Rating: 4/5
Spec Recs: “DisrememberDismember,” “Waka Waka”
In one word: Enlightening

Spiritual. Experimental. Otherwordly. Incandescent. These are all words I jotted in my notes while listening to the debut album from the sibling ensemble Doomsquad. The beautifully layered eight-track LP Kalaboogie, released this month on Hand Drawn Dracula and No Pain in Pop, is more than an aural experience.

Allie, Jaclyn and Trevor Blumas juggle their instruments and voices in an ethereal way. The Canadian trio has a special talent for blending computerized sounds and organic tones in their instrumentation. The result is a synth, flute, guitar, percussion brew that will infuse your spirit.

I imagine this music is just as stimulating listened to alone as it would be experienced live in a dark venue surrounded by strangers. To say it is only music seems restrictive. Foolish, even. It transcends.

Each track on the album progresses with an enlightened sense. It is never weighed down by the variance of sounds and layered vocals. Even a lyric lover such as myself, who values verses and holds with hooks, can appreciate what the band is doing. Although the listener cannot easily decipher the lyrics in every song, the music still speaks.

My advice: Listen to Kalaboogie and allow your spirit and body to separate, and reconnect as dance partners. Don’t fight the boogie, man. This new age isn’t as dark as it seems.

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