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The Dodos: Carrier

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Released: Aug. 27
Our Rating: 4/5
Spec Recs: “Death,” “Confidence,” “Relief”
In One Word: Contemplative

A man looks ahead at a crayon-drawn tornado. In his mind he creates melodies that begin simplistically, yet as the thought continues he adds on harmonies, rhythm, and most importantly, the words that accompany this little tune. To me, this is what is going on in the cover of The Dodos’ newest album Carrier. This band, which I think has always had a bit of a morbid vibe as far as song and album titles are concerned, has come back with a new album that is sure to add an element of subdued excitement to your life.

As always, I’m drawn to the melodies from the songs right away. Meric Long’s voice brings back feelings I had when I first started listening to this group. In Carrier, the band was able to create matured material that has moments of brilliance, and many of them I might add. The song titled “Death” is truly one of the most beautiful songs off the album. The melancholic lilt created by Meric’s voice, the reverb-drenched guitar, slightly clashing harmonies, and words that inspire cognitive daydreaming, grants the listener with a near-perfect experience.

With thoughts of “Death,” “Relief,” and even “The Ocean,” whirling through his head and that tornado a few paces before him, the man that thinks in lyrics releases a melodic sigh and grafts out a collection of songs that better describe his mind process than any mere spoken word ever could.

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