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Dead Gaze: Self-Titled Compilation Album

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Dead Gaze — Dead Gaze

Released: May 21
Our Rating: 3.5/5
Spec Recs: “Remember What Brought Us Here,” “This Big World,” “A Simple Man”
In One Word:

“I think texture is something that is just as important as writing nice melodies and recording big songs,” says Cole Furlow, the man behind Dead Gaze.

Dead Gaze, a self-titled compilation album released on Feb. 25 in the United Kingdom, made its debut in the United States on May 21 via FatCat Records.

The release acts as a catalog rather than a cohesion. If there is any theme to be found in the compilation, it is the aesthetic of Dead Gaze. Fuzzy instrumentals tied with saturated sounds and attractive lyrics with distorted vox. It’s pop, but with texture and grit that speaks to noise, psychedelic, grunge and garage rock genres.

Dead Gaze is a 12-track showcase of Furlow’s work to this point. It features several out-of-print or hard-to-find songs from past cassette and 7″ records released on DIY labels, such as Group Tightener, Clan Destine and Fire Talk.

When it comes to production, Furlow still prefers to record “wherever I can be alone.” The Mississippi musician has an penchant for home recordings and playing with production as if it was an instrument itself. His do-it-yourself style is more deliberate and calculated than one might expect. The objective is always to “try to capture a very memorable moment,” says Furlow.

Since 2009, the act has mostly been a one-man venture, but Furlow recently added a live band to the mix and will be touring the midwest with Dent May next month. See the upcoming dates here and listen to a Dead Gaze’s “I Found the Ending” below…

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