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Cate Le Bon: Cyrk II

This week, Welsh singer Cate Le Bon released her latest EP Cyrk II, an album that serves as a nice contradiction to Cyrk, released in January. Cyrk II is a good mix of music that sounds rather folk and includes lyrics that suggest that Bon has a placid personality. Her voice naturally carries the flow of the five songs, but don’t be fooled by its tenderness.  The content of it brings a twist to her folk sound that fans know so well.

Whereas Cyrk counteracted her monotone voice with a wider array of instrumental noise, Cyrk II showcases Bon’s talents as a guitarist as well. Opening track “What is Worse” lured me in and by the time the end of the song came, I was enjoying a nice guitar solo. The tracks seem to carry from a high to a low-like lullaby. “The Eiggy Sea” is my favorite on the album. It reveals a more upbeat side of Bon and the large range of her talents.

When I first heard Cate Le Bon on her debut album Me Oh My, her lyrics and style intrigued me. Still intrigued, I was very pleased with Cyrk II, an EP that has me anticipating her next release.

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