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Camper Van Beethoven: La Costa Perdida

Camper Van Beethoven, La Costa Perdida, Camper Van Beethoven review, La Costa Perdida reviewCamper Van Beethoven – La Costa Perdida

Released: Jan. 22
Our Rating: 3/5
Spec Recs: “You Got to Roll,” “Peaches in the Summertime”
In one word: Coastal

La Costa Perdida is Camper Van Beethoven’s 8th studio album, and the first since 2006. This band is very comfortable with their craft. You get the sense that the lyrics come easy and the melodies flow with the same fluidity. This might be an illusion, but there is an art to making something difficult look easy.

The title track “La Costa Perdida” is a perfect example of the expertly eclectic nature of Camper. You can hear the blending of all that makes California a sovereign state of music. The lyrics for “A Love For All Time” are enveloped in sounds of waves crashing upon the sand giving the listener the impression that this is a loving lullaby for the coast.

Camper’s strong following will not be disappointed by the newest album. New fans will find its breezy, laid back sounds welcoming.

This album, as a whole, begs to be played on a summer day with the windows down as you drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. Then again, you can always turn it on, turn it up and pretend you are in Santa Cruz somewhere.

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